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About Sharon

I have been using Homeopathy for almost 20 years. I was so impressed with how well it worked for my family that I took part in a homeopathic first aid course locally and eventually went on to study Homeopathy with the Galway College where I graduated as a Homeopath in 2010


It is my intention to inform families of the benefits of homeopathic remedies and to introduce them to homeopathic first aid kits which are a valuable resource.


And to guide and support people of all ages through challenging stages and illnesses that may be physical, mental and or emotional


I also feel Homeopathy can empower women by supporting them through pregnancy, childbirth, puberty, menopause and a host of other women’s issues.


As a member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths I am licensed, insured and abide by a code of ethics and practice




Sharon listens attentively and takes into consideration all your symptoms before prescribing remedies that are very effective. She offers support, guidance and great care

Margaret Bohan

Sharon has helped me through the births of my three children, the remedies she prescribed have made such a difference and she offers great post natal support too

Marguerite Burke

Sharon has prescribed for me and my children for several years, I have great faith in her ability and in her holistic approach to health and wellness, she is thorough, knowledgeable and perceptive

Eithne Dolan

I’m a science based data and research person, I’ve no idea how it works but it absolutely does, my life improved session by session. Sharon’s amazing at what she does and is a great listener.

Oonagh Hassett

The initial consultation I found educational and therapeutic all at once...I would send someone to Sharon who has an ongoing unresolved issue if they want a more natural approach to feeling better.

Gill Carroll

I experienced Homeopathy as a non invasive and supportive treatment while also vey effective in treating my symptoms. Sharon is a very professional, warm, friendly, a great listener and very knowledgeable.

Siobhan Cunningham

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